Liberated WWII concentration camp prisoners with US soldiers in April 1945

Title cards 'Bureau of Public Relations Official Motion Picture Release, War Department' and 'Official US Army Signal Corps Motion Pictures...' / military trucks approach through foggy weather / VS US soldiers, liberated concentration camp prisoners, wounded persons, medics in beds of trucks / wounded persons stand at back of another truck as soldier with eye patch limps over to man sitting on ground, who is opening a can of food / CU the seated man eats from the can / man with bandaged head and protective medical helmet swings himself out of back of truck, with a cigarette in his mouth and tag affixed to his coat / three men with tags which presumably indicate their specific injuries; US sergeant talks to them / CU the man with the bandaged head / men wrapped in blankets smoke cigarettes / US soldiers carry person on stretcher, gently set it onto the ground in a field near other stretchers; person on stretcher in foreground struggles under blanket / military trucks, halftrack, trees / Note: exact day not known; documentation incomplete; film has nitrate deterioration


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Nº de clip:641254122HD
Colección:Sherman Grinberg Library
Fecha de creación:01 de abril de 1945
Tipo de licencia:Derechos exprés
Inf. de autorización:No se cuenta con autorizaciones. Más información
Longitud del clip:00:01:32:10
Creado el máster para:QuickTime 10-bit ProRes 422 (HQ) HD 1920x1080 23.98p Más información
Rodado originalmente en:35mm B/W Neg
Fuente:Grinberg, Paramount, Pathe Newsreels
Nombre del objeto:sr002312_01_02.mov
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