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SAGAPONACK, NY - OCTOBER 28: Siri Rishi, 47, dances while sing

SAGAPONACK, NY - OCTOBER 28: Siri Rishi, 47, dances while singing a mantra in an open field in Sagaponack, NY, October 28, 2018. Sagaponack is a Shinnecock Indian Nation word which has about 1,200 enrolled members currently. The tribe belongs to the Algonquian-speaking Native Americans who lived in the eastern end of Long Island. Siri celebrates her Indigenous American roots, especially in Nature. "Nature is an extension of us," she says. "We are nature." Siri is a yoga and meditation teacher in New York City and East Hampton, NY. Siri grew up in Connecticut to ancestors of the Mohawk-Mohicans tribe. When she was 19 years old, her father, who she describes as a very spiritual man, gave her a book about meditation. She soon began her own meditation practice and never stopped. At the RA MA Institute, Siri teaches Kundalini yoga which connects the yoga student with his own energy of his being. It is regarded as a highly beneficial yoga practice which strengthens the nervous system, expands the lung capacity, and cleans the bloodstream through combining physical postures with breathing techniques, meditation, mantras and relaxation. Siri lives a life of universal spiritual principles. She follows those principles religiously. "Spirituality to me," she says is the authentic part of yourself, to live fully your authentic self, ..unafraid to be vulnerable and being seen." Kindness, compassion and love are fundamental principles of Siri's life. When asked how she practices those principles in today's modern world, in New York City, she says that every day she focuses on selfless services. "I speak to people in the subway, I make eye contact, I smile," she says. "One morning I saw a woman crying on a train. She was sobbing. I reached out to her, touched her shoulder and said "It's going to be ok". The woman just looked at me and smiled. She stopped crying." Siri says people who are suffering need to be seen and acknowledged. (Astrid Riecken For The Washington Post via Getty Images)
SAGAPONACK, NY - OCTOBER 28:  Siri Rishi, 47, dances while sing


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