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Heather Mills and Paul McCartney divorce images

Sir Paul and Heather McCartney with baby Beatrice Milly, 1, go out to a noodle bar by the seaside. After lunch Heather spoke of her terror of her baby getting kidnapped. Speaking to waiting photographers she said she didn't mind people taking her baby's photo as long as her face was blurred such was her fear a kidnap gang might strike. She said: "John Lennon was shot and George was stabbed and loads of kids are getting kidnapped so if you could keep her face out of it or at least if you could blur it off I'd really appreciate it. I don't care about me or Paul but it is risking her life everytime a picture is put out in public."; Job : 16866; (Photo by Paul McMullan/Avalon/Getty Images)
Heather Mills and Paul McCartney divorce images
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