Afghan Queen Homeira (L), French Preside : Fotografía de noticias
Afghan Queen Homeira (L), French Preside : Fotografía de noticias
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Afghan Queen Homeira (L), French Preside

Afghan Queen Homeira (L), French President General Charles de Gaulle (3rd L), King Mohammad Zahir Shah (2nd R) and Mrs Yvonne de Gaulle (R) share a dinner 03 juin 1965 in the Elysee Palace in Paris. Mohammad Zahir Shah was deposed by his brother in law and cousin Mohamed Daoud 17 July 1973 while he was on a visit in Italy, and a republic formed. Born 15 October 1914, Zahir Shah studied in France until his father Nadir Shah became king in 1930 and enters the infantary School of Kabul. Two years later he becomes the Defense deputy minister and king on the 8th of November 1933, after his father was killed. From the 1960's Zahir Shah install a more liberal regime. After the coup, Zahir Shah found refuge in Rome where he still lives on exile in 2001. (Photo credit should read -/AFP/Getty Images)


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