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Mountains and valleys in the spanish region of Las Alpujarras - Fotografía de stock

The Alpujarra is a space of enormous natural beauty and great contrasts. Because of its mild climate, combined with a stable source of water for the irrigation of the rivers that descend from the Sierra Nevada, the valleys of La Alpujarra enjoy an important degree of fertility, although due to the nature of the terrain they can only to be cultivated in small plots, for which the modern techniques of agriculture are not usually viable. Fruit trees abound, such as orange, lemon, persimmon, apple, fig, chestnut, almond, and vineyards. The eastern part of La Alpujarra, the Almeria, as well as the southern face of the coastal mountains, are more arid. Due to its geography, especially mountainous, the villages have adapted to the unevenness, reason for which their houses are staggered and oriented to the south, to take advantage of the good Mediterranean climate. The streets, cobbled and winding, invite you to walk, to breathe calm and tranquility. It really seems that time has stopped in the Alpujarra.
Mountains and valleys in the spanish region of Las Alpujarras


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