• Artista: Lunchbox
  • Título: Dreams Of Freedom
  • Género: Electrónica - House / Dance / Progressivo
  • Ambiente: Alta/positiva
  • Velocidad: Medio tiempo rápido (95-130)
  • Instrumentos: Texturas/Almohadillas, Guitarras acústicas (Guitarra, Banjo, Mandolina), Bucles/Samples, Teclados/Órganos
  • Tipo de pista: Instrumental - Full Length
  • Fecha de inclusión: 01/01/0001
  • Palabras clave: Risueña, Danza, Optimista, Positiva

Acerca de Lunchbox


Astoria, NY United States

Lunchbox consists of Alex Abbott and Seth Cook, or Peanut Butter Bro and Jelly Bro. These two met over the internet after separate attempts at making their own music and decided to join forces to create what is Lunchbox.

Our genre is varied throughout the electronica music niche, ranging from dance, trance, techno, and house. We are very proud of the EP we were able to put together in the summer of 2004 and hope ...

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