Albino 9

Los Angeles, CA United States

All Good Drugs Have Bad Side Effects
Géneros:Orgánica, Electrónica - Techno, Electrónica - Industrial, Electrónica - House / Dance / Progresivo, Electrónica - Experimental, Electrónica - Ambiente, Especialidades - Promocional
Biografía: This is my music I make when I'm not making live music. I am a metalhead that also loves Skinny Puppy, Coil, Frontline Assembly, Pigface, Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin Etc...... So when I'm not tuning down my guitars and turning up my full-stack I'm designing sounds, modulating LFO's, turning knobs, and re-routing the bus output of my digital audio workstation to the input of my Analog Modeling Synth so I can Vocode everything and anything!!!!! This music was meant to be introspective, personal and listened to in a great set of headphones late, late at night. Records like Coil's "Love Secrets Domain" really inspired me to take an interest in unusual electronic music, and hopefully my first CD will let you in on my perspective of it..... "ALL GOOD DRUGS HAVE BAD SIDE EFFECTS" is a collection of soundscapes, ambient moments and clashing contrasts that I put together over the past many years. Hopefully you can enjoy the CD in one long listen and you can find the intended theme.
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