Robert Allaire

Burbank, CA

Biografía: Robert Allaire is a composer of acoustic and electronic music for the concert hall, film, and interactive media. A key element of Robert's work is the blending of traditional instruments with non-traditional sound sources: the vibrating filament of a broken light bulb, mixer feedback filtered through the sound of a human heartbeat, the sound of carbonation bubbling inside a soda can.

His filmography includes numerous shorts, animations, independent features, and experimental films. Recent film scores include And the Night Illuminated the Night (2011) by experimental filmmaker Betzy Bromberg, For Water (2010) by dance film artist Natalie Metzger, and the documentary Where We Live (2010) by award-winning director Fady Hadid.

Outside the film world, Robert has explored unique ways of experiencing music. In 2009 he teamed up with developer Improbable Sciences to realize his concept for an interactive composition and musical memory game, which was released on the Apple app store as 8 Track Mind and nominated for Best Music Game by the Best App Ever Awards.

In his concert work he has explored ideas about interactive musical forms, the inclusion of theatre and dance elements into musical works, and immersive musical experiences. Robert’s music has been performed in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, London, Stockholm, São Paulo, and Mexico City at venues and events that include Mill’s College, the California Institute of the Arts, Stanford University, the Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery at Concordia University, the International Computer Music Conference, and the Center for Advanced Musical Studies at Chosen Vale by groups such as the New Century Players, the California E.A.R. Unit, the CalArts Chamber Orchestra, the Formalist Quartet, and as part of Vox Novus's 60x60 Series.

Also an enthusiastic accordionist and pianist, Robert has performed at REDCAT with the California E.A.R. Unit and after hours can be found rocking the keytar as half of NES-fueled, chiptune dance party duo Beta to the Max, who released their debut, UPC_EP, in early 2010.

A graduate of the MFA program in music composition at the California Institute of the Arts, Allaire has had the pleasure of studying with composers David Rosenboom, Michael Jon Fink, and Ulrich Krieger, with additional studies with Morton Subotnick, Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Anne Le Baron, and others.

Robert currently resides in Los Angeles.
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