Domino Effect

Savannah, GA United States

Biografía: The Domino Effect is a five-piece funk/reggae/blues infused act hailing from Savannah, GA. The band brings new meaning to the word diversity with group members drawing influence from the soul kitchen of Ray Charles all the way to jam band favorites Phish. No to mention the band members themselves also come from different parts of the world such as South America, Ohio, and New York.

Lead singer and guitarist Josh Wade provides the soulful vocals that characterize much of the band's roots. Wade also has penned the majority of the bands originial music, highlighted by his lyrical creativity.

He is backed by bass guitarist Carlos Arzayeus and drummer Ben Lewis. Arzayus, nicknamed "Los," is the heart of the rythym section, laying down groove after groove while being the most laid back member of the band at the same time. Ben Lewis, the drummer/percussionist, is no stranger to the music scene, boasting a resume with many well-established musicians. Lewis' ability to play in the moment is a key asset to the band.

The band started realizing their potential with the addition of lead guitarist John Patton in early 2008. Patton brings a wide variety of influences to the table and has been able to develop his own style since joining the band. He, like the rest of the band, takes alot of pride in developing his technique day in and day out. A strong bond was formed with these four early on, along with the drive and ambition to perfect their live show and perform original music everyone can dance to and appreciate.

Perhaps the most significant event in the bands existance has been the recent joining of keyboardist/saxophonist Mike LaBombard to the band, a multi-talented musician and native New Yorker. Since this key addition, the band has been able to explore new ground in their compositions and improvisations, bringing a variety of color to each high-energy performance. This can also be attributed to the many hours they've spent writing, improvising and perfecting their technique. The band effectively bends and blends the genres of funk, jazz, reggae, and the blues, coming together as a plethora of sound for people to dance to.

They take pride in their originals along with having one of the most diverse repitoire of covers Savannah has seen in a while.
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