Brooklyn, NY United States

Contramano Weird Eyes
Géneros:Alternative Pop, Especialidades - Banda sonora alternativa, Especialidades - Cine, Rock - Punk / Pop Punk , Rock - New Wave, Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Experimental / Post Rock, Rock - Pop Alternativo , Latina - Rock, Latina - Pop
Biografía: Along with a new album that will hit on spring 2011, the group has a short film on their
hands, ready to cut, splice, and project on their huge projection screen that the band uses when
performing live. The film itself spawns out of a song set the band calls “When you need them,”
which then appropriately became the title of the entire project.
The new album is a side step for Contramano, not leaving behind any of
the energy and politically swayed lyrics of their past works, but rather delving
deeper into these theme along with other ideas about culture and human interaction in
the 21st century.
With swirling keyboards, grooving beats, and the undeniable chugging
electric cello, Contramano hits the stage with a completely new set that is more of a
commentary on our day-to-day existence than its highlights. Moods vary from and the
songs themselves travel from the happy dance beat of “Meet Me I’m Great,” to the
plaintive rock of “In/Out Love,” to the politically charged “I don’t like the recession.”
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