Android Lust

Studio City, CA United States

Biografía: Android Lust returns with "Devour, Rise, and Take Flight", an aggressive and in-your-face counterpoint to 2003''''s introspective epic, "The Dividing". Born in Bangladesh, Android Lust auteur Shikhee has been exploring the cutting edge of desire, rage, and panic in her songs since her first independent release in 1998. Borrowing elements from diverse musical styles, Android Lust presents a blend of electronic rock that is provocative, engaging, and fiercely emotional. "Devour, Rise, and Take Flight" is an unforgiving electronic rock assault carried across twelve powerful tracks. Shikhee''''s commanding voice takes center stage, set against her most challenging, yet accessible songwriting to date. And in true Android Lust fashion, she saves her best hooks for her most vicious sentiments, all while taking modern electronic music even further to the edge.?

Shikhee has been making quite the name for herself in the indie electronic music community. Her music evolves with each release, showing a greater musical range than the plethora of unoriginal and copycat bands in the scene. Shikhee redefines herself with "Devour, Rise, and Take Flight", with complex rhythms supporting multi-layered vocal melodies, and textural sounding electronica that somehow conjures minimalism with a surprisingly layered and lush sound. A glutted genre receives much deserved nobility.?
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