Géneros:Orgánica, Electrónica - Trip Hop / Downtempo, Especialidades - Promocional
Biografía: Tao Zervas is a music composer and producer based in New York City. He brings to his work many years of experience in the alternative rock scene as a songwriter, producer and guitar player for the critically acclaimed bands Summer Suspiria and Soulpusher. Tao is currently the creator of numerous sonic projects for film, television, sound design and gallery installations. Acknowledged for his ability to meld his clients’ intentions and commercial needs with artistic innovation, Tao’s music is well known for its depth, integrity and attention to detail
A partial list of Tao’s work in the last 10 years follows:
• Soulpusher album “Inviolet” (Existential Records) 1995
• Soulpusher album “The Supersensual Life” 1998 (Top ten selling album at for 6 months)
•Art in General: Winter Works 1998. Sonic installations.
•”First Wave” Sci-fi television series created by Pearson television and co-produced by Francis Ford Coppola. Song “Love is Strange” featured in the series.
•Music and Sound Design for a host of clients that include: NBC, FOX Films, Disney, Mattel, MTV, A&E, SBC Communications, Elite Models LA, Swietlik Publishing, LA Studios, Evolution TV, Public Interest Productions TV ad campaign, Carthos Game company, LYSR law firm. 1999-2005
• “Kalipolis”: Film score for the short film directed by Minos Pappas, which won several festival awards. 2004
•”Unreal”: Three songs contributed to soundtrack of feature film. 2004
•”Inharmony”: Film score for the international feature film by acclaimed director Michael Pappas. 2004
•”The Incredibles” Sound effects and sound design for Pixar’s web game of the groundbreaking film. 2004
•”Julia”: Tribute album for Julia Zervas who was the singer of Soulpusher. Released on March 18th, 2006.
“ Absolute Calm”: Film score for the upcoming release directed by Roey Shmool. July 2006
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