Senator Warren Reads 1986 Letters of Coretta Scott King, Ted Kennedy Opposing Sessions

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren says after the Senate voted to limit debate on the nomination of colleague Senator Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General of the United States that as Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama, he had a record which regrettably includes presiding over the infamous Perry County voting fraud prosecutions after which elderly blacks responded to their experiences during the prosecution vowing never to vote again, saying that it is unconceivable to her that a person of this attitude was qualified to be a U.S. Attorney, let alone a U.S. Federal Judge, reading a 1986 letter with a passage calling Sessions a disgrace to the Justice Department and he should withdraw his nomination and resign his position, written by late Senator Ted Kennedy, and a passage from a contemporaneous letter by Coretta Scott King to the Judiciary Committee accusing Sessions of using the awesome power of his office to chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens in the district he now seeks to serve as a federal judge. Warren was later admonished by the Presiding Officer and prohibited from participating in further debate on the Sessions nomination for this reading.


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