Lycabettus hill. Athens cityscape. 4K Time lapse

Mount Lycabettus, also known as Lycabettos, Lykabettos or Lykavittos, is a hill in Athens, Greece, and at its two peaks are the 19th century Chapel of St. George, a theatre, and a restaurant. The hill is a tourist destination and can be ascended by the Lycabettus Funicular, a funicular railway which climbs the hill from a lower terminus at Kolonaki.


Creative n.º: 6415099424K
Tipo de licencia: Libre de derechos
Colección: Moment Video RF
Longitud del clip: 00:00:13:00
Ubicación: Athens, Greece
Inf. de autorización: No se precisa autorización
Creado el máster para: QuickTime 10-bit ProRes 422 (HQ) 4K 3840x2160 24p Más información

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