The Stratos-Sphere Project

BELGIUM - UNDATED: Edouard Janssens prepares to release the Stratos-Sphere 'space balloon' into the atmosphere in Belgium. Revealing the majesty of Earth from the limits of space, these wonderful pictures make fine art out of stratospheric balloon photography. Taken 20 miles above the surface of our planet the images highlight the perfect curvature of the Earth at the border of our atmosphere and space. Unlike other helium weather balloon pictures, this project named, 'Stratosphere' was specifically designed with high art in mind and not as an experimentation. The brainchild of 50-year old Edouard Janssens, the project was launched across the Channel in Belgium and rose at 12 miles an hour, snapping away at the natural beauty of upper atmosphere. The Stratos-Sphere Project on January 26, 2012 in Belgium (Footage by Barcroft Media/Getty Images)


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