Hombre afroamericano mid-Adulto maestro supervisar como medio de la escuela primaria y estudiantes trabajan con robot

A mid-adult African American male teacher supervises elementary and middle school students as the work on their robotics project at their STEM school. A Hispanic pre-teen student is holding a robot with wheels. The teacher instructs her and she turns the robot on and it rolls across the table. An African American female elementary student catches the robot at the very end of the table and turns it around. She then lets go of it and it rolls back to the Hispanic pre-teen girl. She turns it off and takes notes in her notebook. The middle school student counts to see how many seconds it takes for the robot to go across the table. A pre-teen Hispanic student is standing with a digital tablet and films as the robot rolls across the table. An African American male elementary student and a Hispanic male elementary student watch as the robot moves. Components and tools are lying on the table. A handheld camera follows the robot and the students's actions.


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