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[UNVERIFIED CONTENT] young boys of the tribe Mursi with necklaces of... Fotografía de noticiasCollar,El cuerno de África,Estilos de vida,Etiopía,Ganado,Horizontal,Niño,Niños,Pueblos nómadas,Sudán,Valle del OmoPhotographer Collection: Moment anthony pappone[UNVERIFIED CONTENT] young boys of the tribe Mursi with necklaces of shells in head. the Mursi tribe They are nomadic cattle herders live in the lower Omo Valley inside the mago national park near the Sudanese border. They are famous for its body decoration and ferocious culture. The Mursi women wear big clay plates in their lower lips, and the Mursi men are known for their scarification and for being fierce warriors. The Mursi Tribe is noted for their lip plates, which are made from clay and considered a sign of beauty. Young Mursi girls are pierced at the age 15 or 16 when their lower lips are cut in such a way that the plate can be inserted and then stretched with smaller plates and followed by larger plates. The bigger the plate the more livestock can be brought into the family when she eventually marries.