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[UNVERIFIED CONTENT] 20th November 2012, Coomunga, Eyre Peninsula:... Fotografía de noticiasAccesibilidad,Actividad,Agua,Australia,Australia meridional,Buena condición,Estabilidad,Explosivo,Fuego,Grande,Granja,Horizontal,Incendio forestal,Interés humano,Movimiento,Península,Toma eléctricaPhotographer Collection: Moment Copyright 2012 Robert Lang Photography[UNVERIFIED CONTENT] 20th November 2012, Coomunga, Eyre Peninsula: Part of a good bushfire action plan is well directed signage for the Country Fire Service to any water source available to pump from, clearly marked out arrows indicate the outlets to the farms largest above ground fresh water tank, as a fixed winged water bomber flys over head and lines up his next drop.