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What new experience will you create?

There’s an art to storytelling across multiple platforms. It’s about developing content that’s engaging and powerful and real. It’s an art for our times – and one that’s been adopted by media organisations, change makers and brands. They are using these immersive story worlds to connect at every touchpoint. Driving action and loyalty.

So how do you make your project resonate across all platforms?

We gathered some thought starters for you . Have a look, get inspired, develop your idea. And then, let’s talk about the content you need to bring your transmedia stories to life. Effortlessly. Cost efficiently.

What will you create?

Blended Reality

Blended Reality

This new era of "mixed reality", of connectivity, may herald a trend in "spiritual" imagery as people respond to this new social image space. Read more

The rise of visual social media

The rise of visual social media

Watch a recording of our event from 14 November to hear from a panel of experts on how brands are using visual content to power social engagement. Read more



How brands and businesses must adapt to new technologies and forms of communication to continue to engage fans and customers? Read more

Article 03

The Smartphone Olympics?

Our photographers captured the 2012 Olympics using all the latest technology. But couldn't resist the urge to get their smartphones out as well. Read more

Augmented Reality

  1. Download the Ogle app on your smartphone
  2. Scan the image above and watch as the story is revealed

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  • Video

    From premium stock footage to daily entertainment video, we've got commercial-quality clips to fit every project. Choose from a range of creative and editorial options, including stock and royalty-free video, as well as classic archival footage.

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  • Music

    Rock, hip hop, electronic and beyond - our music catalogues cover a world of genres and artists. You can also find powerful original tracks, not stock music, by internationally acclaimed and up-and-coming acts, along with streamlined music licensing.

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  • 3D and 360 photography

    The world has more than two dimensions, and so does photography. 3D imagery is captured with multiple cameras and creates an immersive experience. Interactive 360 degree imagery and video allows viewers to navigate the photograph or video, share on social media, and even "tag" individuals.

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    3D and 360 photography